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Cyber Youth Tech is an international, youth-led non-proft organization dedicated to empower the next generation of STEM and Cyber Leaders

In a world becoming more dependent on technology, everyone deserves to learn how to use it. 

Cyber Youth Tech is an international youth-led nonprofit with established groups across the United
States and the United Kingdom. We are teens building a global community dedicated to help
young people and adults alike protect themselves in the cyber realm.



CyTech community members are actively working to nurture and empower students with computer science and cyber skills. 


Students Impacted

Whether it be our in-school presentations or community workshops, CyTech has impacted over 5,000 students across the world in our efforts to spread Cyber and STEM education to all. We're addressing the problem by outreaching to schools and promoting computer science and cyber education for all. 



CyTech has expanded to 12 branches around the world in the United States and the United Kingdom, continuously working to spread our efforts to every part of the globe. 

Cyber Youth Tech
- Pillars -



CyTech's community is made up of motivated and accomplished members in the STEM and Cyber field that are working together to motivate students through our support system. 



With our self made and tailored curriculum for our students of any age, CyTech is reaching to touch everyone no matter how young or experienced they may be. 



Each activity or presentation made for our students equip them with a new skill. When CyTech members go into our community, we want to ensure that students can take away something from the experience.



Given the opportunities that have lead us to be passionate about STEM and Cyber, CyTech hopes to pass that onto others, regardless of their walk of life.