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About Us

Cyber Youth Tech

Cyber Youth Tech, also known as CyTech, is an international, youth-led non-profit that seeks to nurture the next Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and Cyber Leaders by bringing improved computer science and cybersecurity education and opportunities to all students.


Cyber Youth Tech (CyTech) aims to bring aspiring youth around the world together as part of a community, providing education and opportunities for our future technological leaders

Started by one group of teens desiring to make a change, this organization has expanded to reach over 5,000 people in multiple areas across the United States and the United Kingdom. Across our expansive network of groups, CyTech focuses on making an impact including creation of a curriculum and organizing STEM activities, collecting helpful student resources, and championing student empowerment through our pillars of community, education, opportunity, and outreach.

Aiming to bring STEM and Cyber education to all, CyTech looks to work with the people who would benefit most from our support by helping more people to access the opportunities that we have been fortunate enough to have, providing an international network of likeminded individuals. Recognizing the importance of a community to motivate and support students, we aim to assist people regardless of background and walks of life.

Cyber Youth Tech
- Pillars -



CyTech's community is made up of motivated and accomplished members in the STEM and Cyber field that are working together to motivate students through our support system. 



With our self made and tailored curriculum for our students of any age, CyTech is reaching to touch everyone no matter how young or experienced they may be. 



Each activity or presentation made for our students equip them with a new skill. When CyTech members go into our community, we want to ensure that students can take away something from the experience.



Given the opportunities that have lead us to be passionate about STEM and Cyber, CyTech hopes to pass that on to others, regardless of their walk of life.

Meet Our Founders

These individuals have been crucial to CyTech and its founding.


Tiffany Dinh
Technical President

Loving everything in STEM from her participation in FIRST Robotics to CyberPatriot, Tiffany is a champion of computer education advocacy and is continuously working for the betterment of access to the field.  
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Beth Chwialkowski
Human Resources President

One our most enthusiastic members, Beth is determined to use her interests to change the field of technology. She has been with CyTech since its founding and is always looking for the next opportunity to help others. 


Charissa Kim
Communications President

Charissa has a extraordinary set of accomplishments. From winning 1st place in the All Service CyberPatriot National Youth Defense Competition to her STEM education in her community, she has been pivotal in giving members of CyTech new opportunities and spreading our mission.


Kanin Liang
Financial President

While working tirelessly in multiple organizations for the promotion of computing education, Kanin is another one of our accomplished members in CyberPatriot. When she is not busy learning more about how to protect others, she is working to bring more sponsors for CyTech. 


Amberley Odysseas
Public Officer

Amberley has been crucial to the involvement of youth in her community in STEM and is one of the top students in her country in CyberDiscovery. Taking what she has learned, she is inspiring others through CyTech. 


Would you like to be on the Advisory Council?

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Only members that have been in CyTech for a minimum of one year are eligible to apply. 

Meet Our Advisory Council


Ash Duong
Graphic Designer

UI/UX designer with a focus on video game development. Student at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA  

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Timothy Kim
Technical Coordinator

Timothy Kim is an avid learner for anything related to STEM. Timothy is highly gifted in math and science. He has had a wide range of accolades in the cybersecurity and science field. He was the captain who led his team into CyberPatriot X Nationals and was the top 3 teams. He was the captain and state finalist of FIRST Lego League. 


Jessica Richards
Public Officer

Jessica is active competitor in both the UK's Cyber Discovery and National Cipher Challenges. Receiving several accolades from several organizations, she is prominent female in the CyberFirstDefenders and CyberFirstGirls program, constantly pushing to break the barriers for girls in STEM.